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SAYINGS OF JESUS The document with which we are concerned at present, the Gospel of Thomas, does not bear a Gnostic appearance on its face. Only when we examine it more closely do we see how well adapted it is to the literary company which it keeps. [p.5] This document is a compilation of about […]

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December 2016
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  • Oakland officials preparing for mass... 03/12/2016
    With at least 25 people still unaccounted for, authorities fear that the fire at a warehouse party in Oakland will be a mass casualty event.
  • Search for survivors underway in CA fire 03/12/2016
    A huge fire broke out overnight at a warehouse party in Oakland, California. NBC's Steve Patterson reports.
  • Live streaming will resume 03/12/2016
    Stay tuned for more live coverage.
  • Trump under fire for call with Taiwan’s... 03/12/2016
    Does Donald Trump’s protocol-breaking phone call with the president of Taiwan – deeply angering China – also highlight yet another possible conflict of interest for the president-elect? Joy Reid and her panel discuss.
  • Joy Reid’s Democratic Boot Camp! 03/12/2016
    Will the party of the New Deal and the Great society bring the fight that the Democrats brought during Bush’s second term, now that Donald Trump has been elected? Joy and her panel strategize during Part 1 of her Boot Camp for Democrats.
  • SC police killing jury in deadlock 03/12/2016
    The jury that spent over 16 hours deliberating in the trial of a police officer charged with gunning down an unarmed African American is in a deadlock. Trial attorney, Debbie Hines, talks to MSNBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin about this.
  • America has a new favorite poet 03/12/2016
    On #GivingTuesday, we met KIND Fund scholarship recipient Joyce Chisale, who is a poet and wants to be a doctor. Lawrence shares some of his favorite reactions to her poem “Little by Little” and explains what Joyce teaches all of us.
  • Can Gen. “Mad Dog” Mattis be confirmed? 03/12/2016
    It is against the law for a Secretary of Defense to have served in the military in the previous seven years, but Gen. James Mattis only retired three years ago. Jeremy Bash and Phyllis Bennis join Lawrence to discuss whether Mattis should be confirmed.
  • Trump breaks U.S. protocol 03/12/2016
    Donald Trump has broken nearly 40 years of foreign policy precedent by taking a phone call from the president of Taiwan, possibly doing irreparable harm to the United States' relationship with China. Lawrence discusses the fallout with James Fallows.
  • Trump vulnerable to lawsuits from competitors 03/12/2016
    Lawrence Tribe, Constitutional law scholar at Harvard University, talks with Rachel Maddow about the possibility that companies competing against Donald Trump's business while he is president could sue him for having an unfair advantage.