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SAYINGS OF JESUS The document with which we are concerned at present, the Gospel of Thomas, does not bear a Gnostic appearance on its face. Only when we examine it more closely do we see how well adapted it is to the literary company which it keeps. [p.5] This document is a compilation of about […]

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August 2017
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  • Boston counter-protests add Celtics player... 19/08/2017
    Former Boston Celtics player Cedric Maxwell declined to speak at the "free speech" rally in Boston, opting instead to join the counter-protesters. He reports back with what he saw.
  • Couple Turns Anti-Semitic Symbol into... 19/08/2017
    NBC News' Garrett Haake spoke to a couple who came out protest against the alt-right's "free speech" rally in Boston. The couple says they neo-Nazism must remain on the fringe and not return to the mainstream.
  • Police Try To Keep Peace During Protests... 19/08/2017
    Saturday's dueling rallies in Boston were fairly peaceful but police did make arrests following a minor clash with protesters.
  • Rep. Garamendi: Boston rallies continue... 19/08/2017
    Rep. John Garamendi argues that fringe hate-groups need to be publicly rebuffed, continuing that he does not believe Donald Trump has gone far enough to do this.
  • Tense confrontation at Boston "free speech... 19/08/2017
    Amidst the unrest in Boston, reporter Meghan Barr describes an instance where counter-protesters blocked the so-called "free speech" ralliers from entering the Boston Common.
  • Rev. Peterson: "Impressed" by Trump's... 19/08/2017
    Racial tensions have risen after high-profile incidents of white supremacist violence. During a Boston rally against hate, Rev. James Peterson analyzes the racial context of the current moment.
  • Reclaiming symbol of oppression at Boston... 19/08/2017
    MSNBC correspondent Garrett Haake interviews counter-protesters who explain why they're wearing Jewish badges - which were forced attire in Nazi-era Germany - to a Boston rally against bigotry.
  • First pastor quits Trump’s evangelical... 19/08/2017
    Joy Reid is joined by Pastor A.R. Bernard, who is the first spiritual leader to resign from Donald Trump’s evangelical advisory board, after three other White House advisory boards disbanded this week.
  • Speakers drop out of Boston right wing Rally 19/08/2017
    Counter-protesters greatly outnumbered far-right, ‘free speech’ rally attendants on Saturday, as Joy Reid and her panel discuss the growing push to distance the Alt-Right from the GOP.
  • White nationalists: Rebranding under ‘free... 19/08/2017
    As members of the Alt-Right gathered in Boston under the banner of ‘free speech’ on Saturday, Joy and her panelists discuss Donald Trump’s apparent defense of white nationalists after Charlottesville.