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SAYINGS OF JESUS The document with which we are concerned at present, the Gospel of Thomas, does not bear a Gnostic appearance on its face. Only when we examine it more closely do we see how well adapted it is to the literary company which it keeps. [p.5] This document is a compilation of about […]

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July 2016
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  • Pope's trip centers around World Youth Day 30/07/2016
    Pope Frances is making his first ever trip to Eastern Europe, part of the Catholic Church’s “World Youth Day.” On Friday, he visited the Auschwitz concentration camp.
  • FBI continues investigation of Dem hack 30/07/2016
    Cyber security expert, Abraham Wagner, weighs in on the FBI investigation that Russia hacked into the DNC emails to attack against Hillary Clinton.
  • Global Citizen Festival announces lineup 30/07/2016
    MSNBC is putting on the Global Citizen Festival live in New York’s Central Park on September 24. The CEO of Global Citizen, Hugh Evans, gives details on the event.
  • Miami becomes ground zero in Zika fight 30/07/2016
    Health officials have stated that Miami, FL is now seen as the first sign that Zika is transmitted locally in the U.S. A Professor at the LSU Science Center, Dr. Corey Herbert, joins MSNBC’s Frances Rivera to discuss.
  • Trump responds to father of fallen Muslim... 30/07/2016
    Donald Trump responded to Khizr Khan, the father of a fallen Muslim soldier who spoke at the DNC. Former Deputy Campaign Manager for Carly Fiorina, Sarah Isgur Flores, and former senior spokesman for Obama’s ’08 campaign, Hari Sevugan, join MSNBC’s...
  • One of ’96 games 'The Magnificent' on Rio 30/07/2016
    Twenty years ago, Shannon Miller led the U.S. Women’s Olympic Gymnastics Team to their first ever Team Gold. The Olympic Gold Medalist shares how athletes are preparing just a week ahead of Rio’s opening ceremony.
  • Deadly hot air balloon crash in TX 30/07/2016
    Texas reporter for Reuters, Jon Herskovitz, reports on the deadly hot air balloon crash in Texas, where a sheriff stated there are no survivors from the crash.
  • Actress takes stand against Congress 30/07/2016
    Hollywood star Evangeline Lilly used her acting talent to advocate for the Sanders' campaign. Lilly sits down to share what she believes Hillary Clinton should be saying about Trans-Pacific Partnership in this year’s election.
  • Illinois man’s essay goes viral 30/07/2016
    Brian Crooks, a Naperville, Illinois resident, shares with MSNBC's Alex Witt what it was like growing up a minority in suburban Illinois in his now viral essay ‘Black Life’.
  • Russia allegedly behind hacking scandals 30/07/2016
    Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia and MSNBC contributor, Michael McFaul, analyze Russian involvement in DNC email leak and the hacking of Clinton campaign.