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SAYINGS OF JESUS The document with which we are concerned at present, the Gospel of Thomas, does not bear a Gnostic appearance on its face. Only when we examine it more closely do we see how well adapted it is to the literary company which it keeps. [p.5] This document is a compilation of about […]

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February 2016
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  • Voter says Trump like 'Black Friday special' 12/02/2016
    While a majority called Trump divisive, all but three in the group said his candidacy has had a net positive effect on the party.
    Carrie Dann
  • Will SC narrow down the GOP field? 12/02/2016
    Matt Moore, the chairman of the Republican Party in South Carolina, assesses the primary in that state next week.
  • Senator faces controversy over... 12/02/2016
    It's been quite a while since there was a political controversy surrounding a politician and Vietnam-era draft deferments, but here we are.
    Steve Benen
  • Papal itinerary for visit to Cuba and Mexico 12/02/2016
    A look at the stops on Pope Francis' travel schedule for his visit to Mexico and Cuba next week.
  • The Briefing 12/02/2016
    Luke Russert sits down with NBC political reporters in Washington to discuss the latest political stories of the week, from the New Hampshire primary to the latest brawl between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton at Thursday’s debate. Guests include:...
  • First Look: Headlines for February 12th 12/02/2016
    The latest news headlines for Friday, February 12th, including the arrest of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy by the FBI in Oregon, a Mexican prison riot that left at least 49 dead, and Bernie Sanders’s critique of Hillary Clinton’s connections to former...
  • Debate promises reinforce differences... 12/02/2016
    In the Milwaukee debate, the "idealism vs. realism" fight between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton underscored each of their campaign promises.
    Steve Benen
  • Clinton finally knows what she wants to say a 12/02/2016
    It took several months and several tries, but in last night's debate, Hillary Clinton finally figured out what she wants to say about Bernie Sanders.
    Steve Benen
  • Carson on Cruz rumors: They were devastating 12/02/2016
    Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson discusses rumors spread in Iowa by Ted Cruz's camp that he was dropping from the race and why he believes South Carolina will be a turning point for his campaign.
  • Cruz Hilary ad references classic late-90s... 12/02/2016
    Ted Cruz has now turned his sights on Hillary Clinton, and in a new ad he references her email scandal while riffing on the '90s classic film 'Office Space.'