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SAYINGS OF JESUS The document with which we are concerned at present, the Gospel of Thomas, does not bear a Gnostic appearance on its face. Only when we examine it more closely do we see how well adapted it is to the literary company which it keeps. [p.5] This document is a compilation of about […]

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July 2017
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  • Humans on Mars? That's no moonshot! 23/07/2017
    Dr. Mae Jemison, the first woman of color in space, describes her current work bringing space-age techniques to foreign countries and the limits of human achievement if we were properly committed.
  • Himes: "History will not be kind" to those... 23/07/2017
    Rep. Jim Himes, D-CT, reacts to new disclosures from Jared Kushner and the possibility that Pres. Trump could fire the man investigating his associates in relation to his probe of Russian meddling.
  • Trump family finances hard to unravel 23/07/2017
    Former federal prosecutor Jennifer Rodgers comments on how Donald Trump's and Jared Kushner's finances have brought new scrutiny to the Russia probe.
  • FOIA request uncovers Clinton-era memo... 23/07/2017
    NYT reporter Charlie Savage discusses the latest on the Russia probe, including his article that describes a Clinton-era memo by Ken Starr which found that a sitting president could be indicted.
  • Kang: "No good options with North Korea" 23/07/2017
    USC professor David Kang discusses various approaches the U.S. can take with North Korea, and how nearly all of them cannot force Kim Jong-un's hand on American policy priorities.
  • Buell: Trump pardon could itself be... 23/07/2017
    Sam Buell, a former federal prosecutor, details how financial scrutiny could fold into Mueller's investigation of Trump associates, and describes the outer limits of Trump's pardon power.
  • Scaramucci, from day one, out in full force 23/07/2017
    NYT reporter Jeremy Peters and POLITICO's Josh Dawsey react to newly-minted White House comms director Anthony Scaramucci's debut, casting doubt on the certainty of Russian meddling in the election.
  • Can Pamela Keith flip Florida’s 18th... 23/07/2017
    Attorney Pamela Keith, who has also served in the military, tells Joy Reid why she believes she can win a congressional seat as a Democrat in a district that tends to vote Republican.
  • Trump’s lies and his war with the media 23/07/2017
    The New York Times reports that Trump told a falsehood every day for his first 40 days in office. Joy Reid and her panel discuss the social and political impact of this, and more.
  • When conservative news devolves into right... 23/07/2017
    Joy Reid’s guests observe that certain news outlets are increasingly telegraphing what many would call right-wing propaganda over objective reports.